Holy Donut and Pizza: Together at Last

Holy Donut Pizza, Forkable

I’m a big fan of “mixup” recipes – the kind that take two foods you wouldn’t think would go well together and cram them together. Donut burgers and breakfast sandwiches. Nachos made with hash browns (though Fia would disagree with me on this one). Breakfast pizza. You get the idea.

Sometimes, when eating a new food, my first thought it a variant of “this would go really well with X”. Usually, X is cheese – I like cheese. A lot. But sometimes my brain gets creative.

Holy Donut, Portland Maine, Forkable

At the end of last month, we stopped by The Holy Donut for the first time. It’s a local Portland shop, and they make all their donuts using potato dough. Fia had been wanting to try their wares for quite a while (since we moved here in the middle of March); me, I was ambivalent. That situation reversed itself pretty quickly, though: she wasn’t a fan of the texture, while I instantly fell in love with that springy, chewy dough. In particular, their old-fashioned donut had this amazingly mild, satisfying (and slightly savory taste) that I couldn’t get enough of.

And I immediately thought “this would make a great base for a pizza.”

It didn’t happen that weekend, though. Something else took precedence. But that’s another story for another day.

A week or so later, I went back to get a couple of plain donuts.I picked up some other essentials, and I sat down to make magic happen. And while I can’t say this is my absolute favorite way to eat pizza, coming from a guy who loves the stuff in an unhealthy way: they were really quite delicious.

Anyway, here’s what I did. If you want to have a date with danger (or even just a really good time), maybe you’ll do the same.

Holy Donut Pizza, Forkable


  •  Two unglazed, old-fashioned donuts (I used Holy Donut potato donuts, but you can use whatever you like)
  • One jar of pizza sauce (just pick your favorite – I won’t judge)
  • Enough mozzarella to kill a small horse (but not a large one)
  • Whatever toppings you enjoy (that can fit on a donut). I used pepperoni, for a reason I will explain below.

First, I cut the donuts in half. Then, because I knew the donuts would be slightly sweet, I laid the sauce on thickly. After all, I wanted to make a pizza – not a weird donut. Then, to deal with the giant hole in the middle of my “crust”, I laid a nice little mat of pepperoni over it. Then came cheese, followed by more pepperoni. I set my oven to 425, because that’s how I pizza. I gave my pizzas a good 15-20 minutes of baking (the grease from their previous frying means they will resist burning, and will instead crisp up nicely on bottom). Then, let them cool down a bit, and insert them into your face repeatedly.

The Verdict: Don’t do it every day, but do try donut pizza. It’s really good.