Maine Maple Sunday at Nutkin Knoll Farm & Sugarhouse

Today, Ian and I took a drive to Nutkin Knoll Farm in Newburgh, to check out the festivities for Maine Maple Sunday. Apparently, the press had the same idea, because we kept getting in the way of the WLBZ2 camera crew that was there. Nutkin Knoll Farm, owned by Len and Nancy Price, is the closest farm and sugarhouse to Bangor that was participating in the Maine Maple Sunday event. A little mud and melting snow aside, we couldn’t have asked for a better day for it.┬áIt’s a great family event, and I can remember my parents bundling us up and packing us in the car to visit any number of farms with sugarhouses for Maine Maple Sundays past.

Families mingling at Nutkin Knoll Farm, enjoying free samples of ice cream, touring the farm, and buying maple syrup to bring home.

Maine Maple Sunday is an event that aims to draw Mainers out in the early days of spring to tour local farms and buy their earliest seasonal treat: maple syrup and everything delicious that can be made from maple. Maple syrup, as you may know, is made by boiling down the sap of sugar maple trees, which runs as the spring thaw begins.

Nutkin Knoll Farm’s very shiny maple syrup evaporator, inside the sugarhouse, where the sugar maple sap is boiled into syrup.

I’m the kind of person who balks at paying $15 for a quart of maple syrup in a discount store, but will eagerly hand a farmer a twenty for the same sized jug, because I know that my money is going directly to the source of the product, so I was happy to bring home some locally made syrup for my kitchen, as well as two bags of maple cotton candy, one of which is going into a Scottish candy recipe I’m planning on trying soon.

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