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I should first state that we didn’t actually go to Dosa Factory — we were supposed to meet friends for supper, but, exhausted after a long Saturday (me of shopping and eating delicious food with my sister, and Ian with attending a work-related seminar) we ordered in at the hotel. Dosa Factory came well-recommended on Yelp!, was reasonably priced, accepted credit cards and delivered — our basic criteria for selecting supper. I’ve learned since that Dosa Factory is actually inside a market called Shalimar, which I will totally have to check out, next time I’m in the Boston area.

Being from Maine, where Indian restaurants are few and far between, neither of us had any idea what a dosa was, but if we had we would have tried them — as my experience with Dumpling Cafe in Chinatown supports, if a restaurant includes the name of a dish in their name, it’s probably pretty good there. Instead, and partly as a concession to Ian’s suggestion of ordering pizza, we ordered two naan pizzas — chicken tikka masala and lamb vindaloo — and an order of meat samosas.

The samosas were okay. The meat filling was a little dry and granular in texture, with just a few random peas, and the wrapper was not as crispy as I would have liked — more like a greasy egg roll than the flaky, phyllo-like wrapper that Maine Indian restaurants have brought me to expect, and there were only two. For the price, we would sooner have ordered a third naan pizza to bring the order total to an acceptable level for delivery.

The naan pizza was fantastic. Rather than the naan pizza we see here in the grocery store freezer section, which are just normal pizza toppings on a crust that claims to be naan, they were curry — meat, sauce and vegetables — piled onto a piece of naan, with melted mozzarella on top. They were crispy, savory and flavorful, and I wish we’d ordered a dozen to bring home with us. Unsurprisingly, I preferred the lamb vindaloo, while Ian preferred the chicken tikka masala. My main reason for preferring the lamb, however, was that it was lamb. The chicken tikka masala naan pizza did come together more cohesively than the lamb vindaloo, but I have an incurable bias toward lamb, which I fully admit.

The mixed part of this mixed review comes not about the food (although as I mentioned, the samosas were okay but not great) or even really the service, but the method in which they take orders. We called the number on the menu on their website, and were told to hang up and place an order online. We did so, through a service called, though apparently Dosa Factory’s website as linked at the beginning of this post goes through a different service, called made us sign up for an account before placing an order, and then said they would send us an email when the order had been received by the restaurant.┬áThe projected delivery time was 10:20pm, but the confirmation email never arrived. Thankfully, after much confusion on our end (Ian even called the restaurant to ask if our order had been received, and spoke to a gentleman who had no idea what we were talking about) the food arrived more than half an hour earlier than the projected time.

Dosa Factory gets three and a half forks out of five. It would be a four, if it hadn’t been for the miscommunication and confusion that made us doubt for a good twenty minutes or so whether we would be getting the food we’d paid for at all.

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