Maine Maple Sunday

I’m very excited about Sunday. What’s Sunday, you ask? Well, it’s the 30th annual Maine Maple Sunday! It’s a celebration of Maine’s maple syrup producers, during which most Maine sugarhouses allow the public to visit and see what they’re about, tour their facilities, and most importantly, buy some delicious Maine-made maple syrup! I’m dragging Ian out to the closest participating farm, which appears to be Nutkin Knoll Farm in Newburgh, but if you’re in or near Maine, you can find the nearest one to you by checking out this great map¬†from the Maine Maple Producers Association.

I have very fond memories of going for long, country drives with my family as a child. My father would bring us to some out-of-the-way farm with a sugarhouse, and we’d sample maple ice cream, look at the farm animals, and even go into the sugarhouse to see how they boil the sap into the rich, dark, sweet syrup we known and love. It’s been years since I’ve gone, and I can’t wait!

Fia Marquis

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