Kinder Chocolate (Rich in Milk)

As an American, my only real association with Kinder is the knowledge that our government doesn’t allow us to have their delightful chocolate eggs because they contain toys (which, of course, we would swallow without noticing them, despite the fact that they are contained in a plastic egg). So, when we came across bars of Kinder Chocolate at Ocean State Job Lot, picking one up to review was a natural reaction. Let’s get to it.


Price:¬†I paid $2.00 for a bar of Kinder Chocolate. That’s not as cheap as a bar of Snickers or Milky Way, but not nearly as expensive as some of the organic or premium chocolates you see in specialty stores.

Taste: The outside of this bar is regular (decent) milk chocolate. It tastes the way you’d expect. The filling, however, it a bit different – it’s some sort of milk cream. It almost blends in with the milk chocolate taste, since there really isn’t too much going on in the center other than a vaguely fatty sense of dairy with a hint of sourness. I expected the filling to be vanilla or flavored in some other way, but it wasn’t – this is truly a coating of chocolate wrapped around a sort-of-sweet paste of milk. It’s pleasant, though – and it keeps the chocolate from becoming too intensely sweet. The texture is uniformly smooth and melts easily in your mouth. This is a very easy chocolate bar to eat.

Presentation: The outer box is clean and attractive, though I was a little unnerved by the doll-like boy with his vacant stare and perfect teeth. I really appreciated the subtle embossing on the chocolate bar graphic and Kinder name – it helps the box feel more high-quality without veering into overly glossy or tacky. The use of white space is also a great touch (and one many companies seem wary of). The faux-cutaway in the center of the box gives hint of another feature that honestly surprised me: the chocolate inside is broken up into 8 Kit-Kat -shaped bars that are all individually wrapped in matte paper with a foil finish on the inside. Not only does this make the contents look great, but it prevents the all-too-common “crinkled chocolate bar wrapper filled with crumbs” effect that you get when you try to save a large bar for later. Boy aside, I have no complaints about the package – it’s fantastic¬†and functional.

Would I buy it again? Probably not. Kinder Chocolate was tasty, but ultimately it’s also kind of boring. There’s absolutely nothing¬†bad about the flavor or texture, and the presentation is excellent, but it left me feeling a little flat and wanting for more chocolate taste.

Rating: 2.5/5 Forks