Knorr Homestyle Stock (Chicken)



When this product emerged on the market, I was intrigued by it. However, it wasn’t until I found a package in a discount grocery store that I actually decided to purchase it — it usually retails for $3.49 for a package of four little jello shots of flavor, so I couldn’t not give it a taste forĀ $1.47.

As someone with limited space in my kitchen currently, the idea of concentrated stock appealed to me. Far less bulky than the large boxes of prepared stock that I usually keep on hand, and competitive in price. (A four-cup box of store-brand broth is less than $1.50, and a jello shot of Homestyle Stock makes 3.5 cups of broth.) However, at that price, it is still less cost-efficient than bouillon cubes, or Better-Than-Bouillon, which we also keep on hand.

The recipe I tried it in was a quinoa pilaf. I found that it took longer than I would have liked for the jelly-like flavor blob to dissolve in water, but otherwise it smelled and looked pretty much like I expected it to. The little flecks of parsley and presumably carrot threw me for a loop when I looked at the finished product, since my pilaf recipe contained neither. It gave the dish a decent flavor, not as robust as boxed broth/stock, but also not as briny as bouillon. For the price I paid, it was more than worth it, but at regular retail, I would probably have to give it a miss.

I give it three out of five forks.


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