The Cilantro Divide

Most foods that people dislike, they’re just kind of “meh” about, but there are a few comestibles that spring to mind that almost exclusively inspire one of two polar opposite reactions. Either you love it or you hate it, no middle ground, no “well… I guess it’s okay.”

One is Miracle Whip (I am a MW hater, I confess. It tastes too sweet. Ick.) One is Moxie, a Maine beverage that boasts a number of “firsts” in the beverage industry and has its own festival. (Love this stuff!!!) One is cilantro.

If you’re not a fan, you’re in good company: Julia Child couldn’t stand the stuff. People who like it think it adds a fresh, green taste to their recipes. People who dislike it think it tastes like soap.

Here’s why. (Not a new article, certainly, but still an interesting read.)

Fia Marquis

Fia Marquis is a home cook who enjoys gardening, creating recipes, collecting vintage Pyrex, cooking for herself and her husband, and trying to keep up with their toddler and three cats.

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